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Stay informed about the ways TAT’s programs, partnerships, activities and advocacy are making a tangible difference in the fight against human trafficking.


Follow the growth and vitality of our organization’s journey by exploring our publications. Our monthly newsletters chronicle TAT’s activities throughout North America with members of key industries and agencies as we work to fulfill our mission, while quarterly reports spotlight TAT champions we work with and how their efforts multiply impact and make a difference in their various spheres of influence. TAT’s annual reports are rich in detail and numbers, communicating our yearly impact and milestones.


  • 2019 Presidential Award for Extraordinary Efforts to Combat Trafficking in Persons
  • 2015 Suzanne McDaniel Memorial Award for Public Awareness as part of the Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus Awards
  • 100 Best Practices to fight human trafficking by the United Nations (GIFT)
  • 2017 Mike Russell Trucking Image Award by the American Trucking Association
  • 2018 recipient of the Humanitarianism Appreciation Award from Dow Chemical, presented by Dow Road Logistics
  • The Norma Hotaling Award for Demand Reduction
  • The Award of Distinction from the OK Human Trafficking Task Force
  • Linking Arms Award from In Our Backyard
  • The Sword and Shield Award from the Attorney General Alliance and UT Attorney General
  • The Good Buddy Award from the Motor Transport Association of CT
  • TAT was co-winner of the Truck Safety Partner Award from the MI Trucking Association