bus companies play a vital role in helping victims of trafficking.

Traffickers recruit victims at bus stations and utilize buses to transport them, either following an initial online recruitment — when they’re using a bus to bring their victims to them — or to take their victims to and from places where they will be sold. In a study of survivors of trafficking, 42 percent said buses were used in the facilitation of their exploitation.

Buses can also be a lifeline. When victims attempt to exit, a bus or bus station may be the first place they’ll go to find safety or escape. In those moments, an interaction with a caring and knowledgeable person can make all the difference.


members of the bus industry trained on how to recognize and report human trafficking.

TAT partners with motorcoach operators to ensure all employees – drivers, customer service representatives, dispatch, etc. – know how to recognize and report human trafficking.

Train your employees with TAT’s resources.

TAT’s training resources – including a video, wallet cards, an app, toolkit, driver room posters, etc. – are free of charge and specially designed for bus companies.

View the trailer to TAT’s motorcoach training video.

Display victim-centered information.

TAT worked with survivors of trafficking to create posters that use language and visuals that are intended to be eye catching for victims to see and learn about resources to help them. These can be displayed on buses, at bus stops, in transit centers, etc. TAT shares its poster designs free of charge.

Establish an internal reporting policy.

Ensure your employees know the steps they’re expected to take if they suspect human trafficking is occurring or if they believe they may have encountered a potential victim.

As a model, refer to the human trafficking response procedure template TAT created in partnership with the Florida Department of Transportation’s Statewide Transit Training and Technical Assistance (STTAT) Program.

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Lakefront Lines Harriet Tubman Award recipients

TAT in Action

When the TAT-trained Lakefront Lines bus team was notified that a female passenger on one of their buses was allegedly being held against her will and forced into prostitution by a male passenger on the same bus, they immediately sprang into action. As the driver calmly stopped the bus, he reassured the other passengers while being as inconspicuous as possible about the reasons for the delay. He notified dispatch and triggered an internal response system that swiftly communicated with law enforcement and got police on the scene as quickly as possible. Before the bus got back on the road — and safely got the other passengers to their destination — the suspect was arrested and the alleged victim was recovered. Eventually, after additional victims were identified, the suspect was prosecuted in federal court and sentenced to 20 years in prison on sex trafficking and related charges.

In 2019, TAT awarded Lakefront Lines employees, Lauren Gnall and Larren Tarver, with its prestigious Harriet Tubman Award.

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