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Everyone has a role to play.

Human trafficking – or modern-day slavery – persists, in part, because of the myths that surround it and a lack of understanding about who victims are, the methods traffickers use to exploit them, and the role that purchasing sex plays in fueling the demand for sex trafficking. While TAT equips and mobilizes corporations and government entities to use their infrastructure, assets and capabilities to combat human trafficking at a systemic level, the reality is that each individual has a critical role to play in their own spheres of influence, community and home.

50 million

victims of human trafficking globally.


billion in illicit profits annually.


of human trafficking survivors identified as a person of color.

Source: Polaris


states in the U.S. have reported human trafficking.


provinces in Canada have reported human trafficking.


of the identified child human trafficking cases began with some family member involvement.

Get Educated

Check out TAT’s library of materials or visit the following websites to learn more about human trafficking:

Raise awareness

Talk to your kids about human trafficking. Check out the following resources for parents and community members:

Fight Demand

Share TAT’s anti-demand resources with community groups, your workplace, churches, friends and family.


Provide donations and/or goods to local and national organizations working to combat human trafficking.

  • Volunteer your time at a charity which is serving the more vulnerable in your community.
  • Support local organizations.
  • Donate to TAT